Agenda 7-1-2020

Agenda 07-2020

Village Homes Pool/Tennis Court Update – May 29, 2020

To All Village Homes Homeowners:

As you are aware, the Village Homes pool and tennis court has been closed due to state and Ventura County Coivd-19 regulations. You may have heard or read that Los Angeles County has recently opened HOA public pools in conjunction with strict guidelines pertaining to social distancing, cleaning and number of facility users. Ventura County followed suit on May 28th. The Board is in the process of determining how the pool and tennis court could be operated in accordance with those rules. We do know that in order to comply we will have to hire additional staff and limit the hours of pool and tennis court use. The costs associated with this changed environment were obviously not anticipated in the HOA 2020 budget and the Board is also determining the most equitable means of sharing them.

We will advise you as soon as possible regarding the status of the pool and tennis court.

The Village Homes Board of Directors

Agenda 6-3-2020

Agenda 06-2020

Community pool and tennis court

The Village Homes Board recognizes that the community pool and tennis court are assets that add much enjoyment to our lives. For anyone who doesn’t understand why the pool is closed, please read the latest (April 20, 2020) “STAY WELL AT HOME” Order of the Ventura County Health Officer at this link:

In particular, please note the warning on the first page that anyone who does not comply with the order is subject to fines, imprisonment or both.

The relevant section stating that all public swimming pools are closed is on pages 7-8.

When the Ventura County Health Officer determines that public swimming pools are safe for the public, the Village Homes pool will open. Until then, please do not try to access the swimming pool area and make sure children understand that the police may be called if they are using the pool.